Backmount Mini

Backmount Mini


Introduces and crosses over a diver in the use of the UTD/DIR backmount configuration.

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This class introduces and crosses over a diver in the use of the UTD/DIR backmount configuration.  This class presumes the student has completed an Essentials course, or equivalent in sidemount.

Class Information

This class requires a minimum of 4 hours of academics, 2 hours of dry runs, and at least 2 in-water skills dives.  Additional training and dives are at the discretion of the instructor.

The class focuses on cultivating the practical normal and emergency skills required by all side mount divers, including sidemount gas management and planning, normal in-water gas management procedures, and emergency procedures.

Class Limits

  • Standard gas is air (21% O2) or Nitrox 32


  • Minimum age of 15; students who are 15 must be supervised by parent or legal guardian

  • Must complete UTD online registration process

  • Must have completed UTD Open Water, UTD Recreational 1, or equivalent

  • No smoking

  • Use of prescription drugs must be authorized by a physician prior to training

Equipment Requirements

Prior to the commencement of the class, students should consult with a UTD representative to verify equipment requirements.  All participants are responsible for providing all equipment or for making provisions to secure all necessary equipment before the start of the class.

In general, it is better for the student to learn while using their own equipment.  However, students should exercise caution before purchasing new equipment to avoid acquiring substandard or unnecessary equipment.  Please contact us prior to making any purchases.

Backmount Equipment Requirements

  • Cylinders: backmount single or double cylinders

  • Regulator system: primary second stage with a donatable 5’ or 7’ hose stowed in a wrapped fashion around the diver’s neck, and a backup second stage bungeed around the diver’s neck in a necklace fashion

  • Buoyancy compensator/trim device: rear inflation-type/wing or trim device

  • Backplate and harness system

  • Depth-measuring device

  • Time-keeping device

  • Compass

  • Mask

  • Non-split fins

  • A cutting device

  • Drysuit

  • Undergarments

  • Optional: spool with minimum 70’/21m line and a surface marker buoy

  • Optional: primary light and backup light

  • Optional: wetnotes and writing utensil

Purchasing this class does not include the online study materials which must be purchased to complete your registration for $39.95 directly from UTD International.  Upon registration, a link to register for the class and pay for the online study materials will be provided.