Learn to Dive


In-Depth Dive is a progressive scuba diving education company. 

Our students are taught to be confident and competent with fundamental skills, develop and execute a dive plan, and function as a thinking member of a dive team.  Ultimately, this skillset allows our divers to have the utmost fun under water!


Unified Team Diving


In-Depth Dive teaches Unified Team Diving (UTD) classes.  UTD’s roots lie in the “Doing It Right," or DIR diving principles.  These principles focus on creating "thinking divers" with a systematic approach to safety and team diving and integrate seamlessly and progressively into the recreational, technical, and overhead diving environments.

UTD is an inclusive scuba diving agency and improves the safety, conformity and competence of a dive team and the enjoyment of their dive.  UTD provides team consistency and unification via:

  • Equipment configuration
  • Dive objective and planning
  • Training level
  • Diving experience
  • In-water skillset



The majority of In-Depth Dive classes are taught locally in New York, NY.

The open water portions of many classes are conducted at Dutch Springs, PA, about 1.5 hours from New York, NY.

If you desire a class in a warmer climate, training while on dive trips is possible as well. There are frequent trips to Florida, Mexico, and other parts of the Caribbean.




Photo courtesy of Adrien Sapota


Scuba diving is more than just breathing underwater.

Proper scuba training allows our divers to undertake a multitude of activities.  From enjoying beautiful reefs in the Caribbean, exploring shipwrecks, taking underwater photographs, or swimming through magnificent cave and cavern systems, there are limitless ways to enjoy diving.

Scuba is an exciting and rewarding activity for individuals, couples, and families, and is one of the best ways to discover the world!