Recreational Courses

The recreational training category is designed for non-certified divers and divers alike who are seeking training in the essentials of sound recreational diving practices; recreational diving being defined as scuba diving in "non-overhead" environment within NDL, or Non-Decompression Limits. UTD's two classes for non-certified divers are Try Scuba, and  Recreational 1 / Open Water Diver.

Once certified, UTD's recreational courses offer divers a clear path to advanced training. Advanced classes include Recreational 2 (Nitrox/Advanced Diver to 100'/30m), Recreational 3 (Master Diver, Helitrox to 130'/39m), and Essentials of Recreational Diving.

Essentials of Recreational is a personal skills class and is the entry into the UTD system of diving for any certified diver previously certified by other training agencies.

For teens, UTD offers a scuba-based Confined Water Diver for teens 14 and up and a Junior Open Water Diver course for teens 15 and up.


Recreational 2 (Advanced Diver)

Recreational 3 (Master Diver)