Technical Gas Blender

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This is an academic and hands-on class that prepares the student to blend breathing gas mixtures utilizing varying oxygen and helium contents.  The class addresses the properties of the gases, common blending techniques, and safety.

Class Information

The Technical Gas Blender class is normally taught over eight hours.  Approximately half of that time is spent reviewing the academic topics related to technical gas blending. The balance of the time is spent on the practical aspects of gas mixing and fill station procedures.

The class covers all the common methods of mixing and filling scuba breathing cylinders including, but not limited to, partial pressure blending, continuous flow blending, the use of membrane systems, and cascading and boosting gases.  Topics also include analyzing the gases and labeling procedures for tanks.

Also covered are the safety aspects of handling potentially dangerous gases such as oxygen.


  • Minimum age of 21
  • Must complete UTD online registration process
  • No smoking