Cylinder & Valve Technician

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This is an academic hands on class that prepares the student to visually inspect and oxygen clean aluminum and steel SCUBA cylinders and valves.  The class addresses the proper care, maintenance and inspection of cylinders and valves, as well as proper safety precautions.

Class Information

Prior to the start of the class, the student must complete the academic program.  Following that, the Cylinder and Valve Technician class is normally taught over eight hours.

Approximately half of that time is spent reviewing cylinder inspection criteria per CGA Standards, DOT and TC regulations and manufacturers’ recommendations as well as oxygen cleaning procedures for the safe handling of cylinders and valves that will be exposed to high percentage oxygen mixes.

The balance of the class will focus on the practical application of cylinder and valve inspection, allowing the students to inspect and oxygen clean their own cylinders and valves under the direct supervision of an instructor.


  • Minimum age of 21
  • Must complete UTD online registration process
  • No smoking