In-Depth Dive

In-Depth Dive is a progressive scuba diving education company providing education in the USA's north-east region.

Our students are taught to be confident and competent with fundamental skills, develop and execute a dive plan, and function as a thinking member of a dive team.  Ultimately, this skillset allows our divers to have the utmost fun under water!

In-Depth Dive teaches Unified Team Diving (UTD) classes.  UTD’s roots lie in the “Doing It Right," or DIR diving principles.  These principles focus on creating "thinking divers" with a systematic approach to safety and team diving and integrate seamlessly and progressively into the recreational, technical, and overhead diving environments.

UTD is an inclusive scuba diving agency and improves the safety, conformity and competence of a dive team and the enjoyment of their dive.  UTD provides team consistency and unification via:

  • Equipment configuration
  • Dive objective and planning
  • Training level
  • Diving experience
  • In-water skillset